Such a pleasure to leave behind the city’s blare and bustle and come to your personal residence, whether with your family or on your own. Especially if it is by the sea, and this sea is in Europe. Sea Breeze is a comfortable guestroom complex with terraces in a quiet green area on the first line of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by forests and parks.

The name Jūrmala is a combination of Latvian words jūra ("sea") and mala ("edge"). Jurmala is a ravishing mixture of wooden country houses of the early twentieth century and modern hotels and villas. This is a European resort in the most beautiful area of the Gulf of Riga, the pearl of Latvia.

Moderate climate, healthful meritime air, snow-white sand and excellent ecology are the ideal conditions for a dream relaxation. Leisurely promenades in the Dzintari Park, swimming in the clear sea water, dunes and centuries-old pines, quiet conversations at mealtimes – this is Jurmala. This is the place where you want to be.

FITNESS STUDIO The studio is equipped with high-end sports equipment. Admirers of active lifestyle will find everything to maintain an excellent shape.
SAUNA / HAMAM Finnish sauna or Turkish steam bath? You can use both. A traditional foam ritual with professional massage is recommended for a complete relaxation.
RECEPTION Whatever wish you have come to mind – ordering food from the restaurant or booking tickets – the 24/7 concierge service will be honoured to grant it immediately. The concierge service will also help to solve any household issues.
SWIMMING POOL Quite necessary and enjoyable condition for a perfect relaxation. 25 meters, sliding panoramic roof, hot tub, and bar. Sport and pleasure all rolled into one.
TERRACE Picturesque surroundings of Jurmala are worth to admire. Breathtaking views from the terrace to the bay and the centuries-old pine forest.
PPARKING AREA No troubles with parking. Spacious underground parking for 29 cars. After you leave your car the elevator will lift you directly to the floor – no need to go out on the street.
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